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The Psychedelic Revolution Is Coming. Psychiatry May Never Be the Same.

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Buy MDMA Ecstasy pills for sale Online. By Andrew Jacobs Published May 9, 2021Updated May 12, 2021 Leer en español It’s been a long, strange trip in the four decades since Rick Doblin, a pioneering psychedelics researcher dropped his first hit of acid in college and decide to dedicate his life to the healing powers of mind-altering […]

How Cybin Is ‘Revolutionizing’ Mental Healthcare with Novel Psychedelic Compounds

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Legal Psychedelics for Sale USA by Greg GilmanonSeptember 24, 2021       CEO Doug Drysdale explains several key factors in making psychedelic-assist therapy accessible for the millions of people suffering around the globe. Cybin is on a mission to “revolutionize” mental healthcare, and CEO Doug Drysdale assures that the mission statement is not just […]